Slovenia Climbing Team

The Slovenian Climbing Team is one of the most successful teams in the world having practically won every possible title. Each year, several athletes of the SCT stand on the podium at masters, world cups and other international competitions. The team consists of 12 athletes and is coached by Roman Krajinik.

Mina Markovič, a well-known member of the SCT is currently one of the strongest female climbers. She is a multiple winner of masters, lead and boulder world cups. The most successful male Slovenian rock climber, Klemen Bečan, has also been an SCT member for many years. He prefers to climb outdoors, but he won the world cup 2008 in Kranj. Other team members are Jernej Kruder, Domen Škofic, Maja Vidmar and many more. 

Furthermore, the Slovenian Climbing Team has been organizing one of the leading world cup events in Kranj for the past 18 years. It was the first event of its kind that was shown on national TV.