Phew... it’s already May! Feels like yesterday that we biked through Norway. Initially we wanted to tour the Alps with our kayaks on a bicycle-trailer already last year. But »His Airness« Jens Klatt raptured his Achilles tendon while playing basketball. So what now? Should we just go without him? No way! Besides having his company we didn’t want to take a pass on his brilliant photography. Should we just delay the start? Probably all the snow would have melted away and a lot of rivers would be not more than just a little trickle. But maybe it would be a good idea to take it easy and try this Bike2Boat thing on a slightly smaller scale. We just cruise through Norway with our swiss buddy Lukas and Jens joins us as a photographer with a van.

And Norway proofed to be just the perfect destination: Little traffic, a moderate altitude relief, awesome whitewater and Jensi always within reach if something would go wrong. In the end we cycled almost 700 kilometers and did not have a single bigger breakdown. In general traveling by bike with a kayak on the trailer worked out better than expected. For sure we would go for the big Tour de Alps next year. There was still enough time for getting in shape and we would profit from our positive experiences in Norway.

Of course the training went short. The winter was long and cold, there was a lot of office work to do and Olaf even became a father just a couple of days ago. Yet we are looking forward to this trip. This time we won’t have car support which will make the whole thing way more intense. So now we just have to pack and then Bike2Boat 2013 will kick off on May 5th in Cannes!