Volker Schöffl (GER)

Full name:
Volker Schöffl      

Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Schweinfurt, Germany  


MD, PhD           

Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
Climbing, Skimountainering, Trail Running, Cross Country Skating, Ice Climbing     

Place of residence: 
Bamberg, Germany

Biggest accomplishments: 
more than 100 first ascents of climbs graded up to fr 8b in Thailand, Laos, China, Borneo, Frankenjura
Flying to Thailand in 1990 with little money and a hand drill to open a new climbing area...see what became of it now
Batu Lawi Expedition, Borneo 1996
German Climbing Team Physician since 20 y
More than 100 scientific papers on climbing and outdoor medicine
Books on climbing medicine

Latest success or project:
Published the third English edition of “One move too many” in 2016
still managed to climb 8a with 50    

Lifetime project: 
Showing the world to my kids and keeping on climbing until the end…

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Frankenjura, Laos, Wild Iris, Fontainebleau       

Favourite music/song:

Platforms of athlete:
Website: http://www.schoeffl-sportsmedicine.com
Facebook: Sportsmedicine Bamberg

Partnership with adidas since: 

Most stupid thing you ever did:
Bouldering at 2 am downtown in Johannesburg in 1993