Sam Sutton (NZL)

Full name:
Sam Sutton


Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Rotorua, New Zealand 

Kiwi As, New Zealand 


Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
Anything around water and the outdoors. Moto X, biking     

Place of residence: 
6 months in NZ and 6 months nomad

Biggest accomplishments: 
3x adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Champion 2010,2011, 2012

Latest success or project: 
Expeditions in Southern India, checking out the next kayaking mecca. Alongside the endless search for the best day ever!!! 

Lifetime project: 
To find the Best Day Ever!!! this will be achieved by living life to the full and finding happiness through myself and the people I surround myself with alongside being in the element I call home the River.    

Favourite spot / location(s): 
My favourite spot is any river which takes my mind away from the outside world and lets me concentrate on that pure moment that is only found in the Outdoors, that moment when nothing else matters but the feeling of the water on the blade of my paddle and the sound of the water crashing. This moment can be found in all corners of the world. Hence why we travel the world not for the location but the feeling. 

Personal music/song:
anything with positive vibes, Justin Bieber?  

Personal statement / philosophy: 
My philosophy, well we don’t have space for this, but the number 1 goal is to make sure I achieve more than possible and live life to the border of possible.   

Platforms of athlete:

Partnership with adidas since: 
October 2008, getting older 

Most stupid thing you ever did! 
Well this is daily but I once closed down a party by thinking a fire extinguisher could double as a smoke machine. Moral of the story is it doesn’t and it will ruin any sound equipment in the area. $$$$...