Nick Troutman (CAN)

Full name:
Nicholas Troutman

Nick/ Nich/ Stoutman

Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Pembroke, Ontario, CAN


Professional Athlete/ Kayak   

Sport / activities (different to your profession):
everything outdoors: climbing, hiking, biking, paddling, camping,
hockey, skiing, snowboarding anything that gets me outside.  

Place of residence: 
2005 Itasca Navion RV, I pretty much live on the road.

Biggest accomplishments: 
2009 World Champion,
5x National Champion,
World Cup Champion,
North American Champion,
PanAm Champion,
First full descent of the Rio Alseseca and Rio Jalacingo

Latest success or project: 
2014 PanAmerican Champion, 2014 National Champion

Lifetime project: 
A double airscrew has been something I have been trying forever, though my lifetime project is
to just keep kayaking and paddle new rivers around the world.   

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Ottawa River (Canada), Zambezi River (Zambia), Rio Alseseca (Mexico)    

Personal music/song:
Everything from Classical, to Rock & Roll, to Country to Hip-Hop   

Personal statement / philosophy: 
Try Harder     

Platforms of athlete:

Partnership with adidas since: 

Most stupid thing you ever did! 
I ran a bad weir/dam and got stuck and had to swim, it was a bit
sketchy, not so smart on my part.