White water world festival - Indonesia

The Asahan river is mostly unknown by the majority of the kayakers. It's flowing out of the dam on the Lake Toba, an old super vulcano in North Sumatra - Indonesia.
This wonderful river - mostly class IV and V (VI) - flows all year at the same level. This year the White water world festival has been held there thanks to the money from the government of North Sumatra. Three raft races and four kayaking races has been organized in the upper section of the Asahan. Michele Ramazza and the other kayakers invited to the event have trained for a week before the competition started to perform at the best and have some fun in this spectacular valley.

The middle section of this river is usually not run, but the crew there was quite hungry of big rapids. Therefore the team has run this section with the second descent by Michele of the infamous local rapid called Nightmare.

The races has been really intense with the long distance the first day, slalom the second day and sprint and boater X the last day.

The local people were amazing, really friendly and they were venerating all the kayakers like Hollywood stars...

The races have been a hard battle between Michele Ramazza (ITA), Mike Dawson (NZ), Charlie (FRA) and Daniel Watkins (AUS).

Michele won the overall title of the event with good results in the slalom and the sprint.