Mallorca Canyoning 2017

Mallorca 11st – 19th of March 2017 with Alex Arnold and Nicola „Reggio“ Reggiori

We had been invited from our Spanish Canyoning friends – and our host Damon McShane Armstrong – organisator of the Balearik-Canyoning-Meeting 2017 on Mallorca. On Saturday the 11th of March, early in the morning, Alex and me went directly from airport Zürich to Palma de Mallorca. We arrived there around 9am – directly from winter into early summer.

Checked out our rental car – adventure is on!

We did have many adventures on our timetable before we wanted to go to the Canyoning Meeting in the end of the week.

The first day we spent some time with our friends – checked stuff on the island and visited Damon´s house, to sort out our material and prepare the rental car to sleep in it.

In the afternoon we drove to “Es Pontes”, an amazing stone bridge in the middle of the sea. We had a look how we can climb up and where to place the camera to make the best pics.

The night we slept in the rental car on a broken air bed. At 4.00 in the morning Alex woke me up (I was not really motivated after 3 nights in a row without sleep) but Alex made me stand up. We put on our neoprene and walked down to the sea.

There the biggest challenge was waiting for us – we had to swim in the dark around the stone bridge with just a light on our helmet and the back bags full with ropes and a driller. Alex and me felt quite scared out in the dark sea. That’s also why we managed to get up very quick after I found a spot to boulder. It was not easy – but we managed it and climbed all the way up on top.

The first idea was to jump down, but as it was to dark and unsafe with the rocks in the water. We drilled a bolt for abseiling.

Alex went down in the dark to go back to the camera. And I was standing up there in silence for about 2 hours enjoying the amazing view, and waiting for his commands to put the lights in the right places. We could not catch the sunrise cause there was rain out in the sea. So I abseiled down and swam back to the mainland.

After this absolutely amazing adventure we went to direction of Mortitx canyon. It´s a speechless playground ending in the sea. To go back to the car you are going up on a Via Ferrata on sharp rocks. After the trip we had been invited for BBQ in the middle of old Palma in a big wild garden.

In the common days we did go twice to Sa Fosca. One time just for joy, and one time for making pictures. Sa Fosca is a big highlight on the island. You are fully under the mountain in a gorge. Amazing rock formations and dark green water.

After that we picked up our friend Reggio from the airport, who joined us for the rest of the week.

With the canyoning family we went to Torrent Lli. This canyon also ends close to the sea – that’s why we took a swim in the sea before we went for lunch down in a cosy restaurant to eat Paella – traditional Spanish food.

The Friday before the meeting started, we did our first “dry” canyon – ending up with 3 vertical abseilers down in the sea. It was funny for us doing canyoning without neoprene, just in shorts T-shirt and the rest of the gear.

The meeting started on Friday evening, it was very interesting with a few lectures, meeting the rest of the Spanish canyoning family – ending the evening with a big dinner all together.

With about 50 crazy Spanish friends we went into Coanegra on Saturday morning. It was so much fun playing around and having good talks.

After the trip we went back to the Camp, where I presented my project “10 canyons in one day in Ticino” with Alex Arnold.

With local music, a tombola close to the fireplace and BBQ outside we ended our evening and went back to Damon’s house, to be ready to pack our stuff the next morning and dry all for taking it back on the plane.

With a lot of good memories and local delicacies after many adventures and good training we headed back to the airport – Zürich and then back to Tirol.

Thanks to all who made this week so amazingly special, and a big thanks to Damon McShane Armstrong for your warm hospitality – Balearik 2018 – we are in!