Lipno 2017

Who doesn't know Lipno or Lipno Devil's Extreme Race? It's one of the most famous kayak festivals in Europe. The water in the river is released from a dam only a few days a year. Usually on the last weekend of August. Kayakers and rafters from all around the world come to this small village in the Czech Republic to run this beautiful wild river. From Friday to Sunday you can meet thousands of people on the water.

This river is not easy and it is classified as a WW III - V. It's fast and steep with big trashy waves and holes. You don't want to swim there because of the sharp rocks and trees. It may sound scary, but everyone who paddled it just loved it! It's hard to explain but this river is just unique. You can run it with friends and enjoy the great atmosphere or enter the Devil's Extreme Race.

I think this was my fourth time at Lipno and I enjoyed every moment. We paddled on all three days and did several laps a day. It's so easy, because you don't have to care about logistics. You just walk a few meters from the take-out to the train station and wait for a train which takes you and your kayak back up to the put-in. Sometimes it's a fight to squeeze your boat and yourself on the train with hundreds of other paddlers and local passengers but most of the time it's no problem. I don't know if there is anywhere else where you get off and on a river so easy by train. This is one of the things, apart from the river itself, which makes this event so special.

After spending all day on the river we moved to the main tent where there were concerts. Our friend Vilem, who's a paddler as well, and his band started the evening’s entertainment which continued well into the night. These were awesome three days spent on the cool river with great friends and was full of laughs, fun, adrenaline and good food. If you haven't been there before I can recommend it as a perfect kayaking destination!