Kayak Freestyle World Championships 2017

5 weeks in Argentina ran so fast and we are already back home. We went there to train and compete at World Championships in freestyle kayaking. The competition hole was situated in San Juan, a city in the middle of the desert.

Before we got there we didn’t have any special expectations but at the end I can say that this trip was one of the best adventures we ever had. It is funny to say as we aren’t happy with our final results at the event. We went there as a complete family - Me (Nina), my husband Peter and our little son Petko (3,5 years old). This is the first thing which made it so great - we were all together. The second point, which made our stay so pleasant, was the nice weather and the beautiful scenery. Ok, sometimes it was too hot but the pool next to our apartment made it acceptable. We all love swimming in the water and relaxing in the sun next to the pool but we need action as well.

The landscape around was so amazing, strange and breathtaking at the same time! We walked through desert, hiked up hills, visited the zoo, museum, mine, we swam in a lake, visited the downtown of San Juan and many more. There was no time to be bored. And of course the main reason why we traveled there was a good playspot.

We trained twice a day and were trying to prepare ourselves the best we could. I think we did a great job and at the end I was feeling like in perfect shape. But sometimes it’s not enough. If you ever competed in any sport, you know there are so many factors which can influence the result and sometimes you can’t do anything about it. But well, that’s sport and it makes us (the athletes) stronger. To learn how to work with your failure is the best way to reach the success. Despite not bringing medals home (I finished 11th and Peter 10th) I feel so grateful for our time in Argentina. I leave only with great memories and miss this place so much! And now we are ready for new adventures.

See you on the river.