Euro Trip 2017

This year freestyle competition season in Europe started quite late. Maybe because of this fact there were less events following each other than in the past. Our plan was to attend six events in six weeks. Straight after my successful PhD. title defense we packed all our gear into our home on wheels and headed off to Germany. First stop was at Plattling to paddle for a few days. Than we moved to Friedrichshafen for the OutDoor fair and for the adidas team workshop and to meet our adidas family. This is a great event where you can see all new stuff for the upcoming season and meet many great people.

After the show we moved to France. This was our destination for the next two weeks. The first French freestyle competition was Makinito. Which is close to Marseille. The next French freestyle competition and #1 EuroCup was in Millau. It was part of the Natural Games, a great outdoor sport and music festival. We did well on both events but unfortunately we didn't make it on the podium. Sometimes freestyle is a more subjective sport as it should be, but never mind. We enjoyed it so much! French baguettes, cheese, beautiful nature and good paddling is all you need to be happy.

After three weeks we moved to Austria to Wildalpen to take a part in #2 EuroCup. Wildalpen belongs to my favorite places as it is surrounded with great mountains and the water there is icy clear. It's a small village with many outdoor possibilities. Water levels were quite low so we took our bikes for a ride through the mountains. This event was more than a regular freestyle competition for us. It was a great holiday as we met with our friends and their kids. Competition was held on Saturday. I placed second and Peter took third position. Super happy we left Wildalpen and went to Plattling for a few days again. Next stop is in Graz, Austria for #3 EuroCup. 

Wish us luck.