Corsica Trip

I first travelled to Corsica 17 years ago. I was too young, so my friends better asked my mom for permission. It was a really awesome trip and it stayed in my heart as one of my most favorite destinations. Since then I wanted to go back. I promised Nina to take her there already a few years ago, but we weren't lucky because there was no water. This year we decided to give it a chance. We packed all our white water gear, kayaks, food, baby gear and toys and left for our 10 days adventure.

After a 12 hour drive by car, we got to the ferry which took us to Corsica. We spent the first night on the beach. In the morning we were surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Snowy mountains behind our back and blue sea in front of us. Just a wonderful look. We would love to stay on the beach but on the other hand we were excited to find some white water.

We knew Corsica has almost always troubles with the water levels. We wanted to start with some basic runs like Asko, but it was dry so we had to move to Golo and started there. We did some of Corsica’s “tradidional” rivers but my most favorite run was Cody river. It's a small river with lots of drops. It took us a few hours to get down but it was big fun. I always had to switch with Nina so one of us looked after Petko but it wasn’t a big problem because there was so much to do around here.

After kayaking we used to go mountain biking all together. Actually it has beed an even harder training than on the water. Corsica has a very mountainous landscape and we biked only steep uphills and than fast downhill tracks back down. The evenings had always the same routine, good dinner, a bit of french wine and many baguetes with tasty cheese, sunset at the beach and of course a long sleep to gain enery for the next day.

I would say 10 days haven't been enough. We had a perfect time in Corsica. While almost whole Europe had cold rainy weather we enjoyed sunny warm days in one of the most beautiful nature I've ever seen. For me this is a place to go with or without kayaks!