BIG-O alias Olaf Obsommer on tour

Olaf Obsommer's new programme takes you into the wonderful world of kayaking. Listen upclose and personal to his exciting stories and enjoy breathtaking shots of magnificent kayak adventures.



A freestyle kayaking adventure with World Champion Nick Troutman from Canada, Mathieu Dumoulin (Runner-up World Champion and two-time European Champion) from France, adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Champion Gerd Serrasolses from Spain and Peter Csonka (two-time European Champion and three-time Runner-up World Champion) from Slovakia. The team travels the world, searching for the perfect wave. Their destinations are Uganda, the tidal wave Skookumchuck in British Columbia, and the monster waves north of Quebec.

"Kyrgyzstan - a travel to the Eyes of God"
A team of ten international kayakers paddles the legendary Saryjaz river in Kyrgyzstan under the leadership of Tomass Marnics and Olaf Obsommer. It took the venturesome group ten days to pass a huge canyon until they arrived at the Chinese border. World Champions Sam Sutton, Fabian Dörfler, Thilo Schmitt and Gerd Serrasolses have been on the team amongst others.



Fr. 13.11. Ulm, Bootshaus Ulmer Paddler
Sa. 14.11. Unna, Sport Schröer (sold out!)
So. 15.11. Unna, Sport Schröer 
Tu. 17.11. Köln, Stuntwerk
We 18.11. Moers, Lettmann
Th. 19.11. Hannover, Freizeitheim Döhren
Fr. 20.11. Nünchritz, Wacker Sporthalle
Sa. 21.11. Aschaffenburg, Bürgerhaus Nilkheim
So. 22.11. Lichtenfels, Stadtschloss
We. 25.11. Jenbach Österreich Bike2Boat Alpen
Sa. 28.11. Rosenheim KUKO
Fr. 04.12. Mühlacker, Umlandbau

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