Lukas Irmler (GER)

Full name:
Lukas Michael Irmler   


Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Dachau, Germany      


Slackliner / Student           

Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
climbing, mountaineering, swimming          

Place of residence: 

Biggest accomplishments: 
Longline World Records 2010,2011 and 2012
Longline European Record 2013
Highest Highline at an altitude of 5222m in Peru (still the World Record)
First “luke skywalker” highline trick 2013 (Video here:
Two times Guinness world record holder
First Highline across the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)     

Latest success or project: 
First Highline across the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)    

Lifetime project: 
First Highline across the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) with Reinhard Kleindl. It was a long dream with many many problems to overcome but after two years of planning and waiting we managed to get it done! Definitely a once in a lifetime moment.            

Favourite spot / location(s): 
South of France – the Calanques around Marseille. I lived there five months in 2013 and it was one awesome adventure with so many great spots. My absolute favourite still is the Highline I established at the Cap Canaille which is the highest sea cliff in Europe which offers a perfect 25m long and over 350m high Highline opportunity!            

Personal music/song:
I love the songs from “pretty lights” especially the one “finally moving” That’s what I listen to a lot during my slackline sessions!

Personal statement / philosophy: 
Passion has no season! Go out and do what you love! And keep it slack!             

Platforms of athlete:
Instagram :

Partnership with adidas since: 

Most stupid thing you ever did! 
Haha,… too many to name them here but I still do not regret even one of them!