Guido Unterwurzacher (AUT)

Full name:
Guido Unterwurzacher


Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Kitzbühel, Austria


UIAGM Ski & Mountainguide, Allround Alpinist and Climber    

Sport / activities (different to your profession):
Paragliding, Speedflying, Skydiving, Mountainbiking, Skiing  

Place of residence: 

Biggest accomplishments: 
My little son Xaver 

Sportclimbs up to 8c+
MP up to 8b+
First Ascents up to 8c
Alpine Style Ascent of “Eternal Flame” 7b/A1 1400m on Nameless Tower 6250m Pakistan within 12h
“Ferrari” Route on Cerro Torre Westface within 8h (in a one week stay)
“Exocet” WI5-6, Cerro Standhardt, Patagonia
“Whillans/Cocrane” Aguja Poincenot, Patagonia
“Franco/Argentina” Fitz Roy, Patagonia
“Giordani- Comesana/Fonruge” 6c Aguja Guillamuet, Patagonia
“The Fish” 7b, 900m onsight at Marmolada Southface
“Phantom” 7c, 600m onsight Cima Grande, Tre Cime, Dolomites
“Alpenliebe” 7c, onsight 600m, Cima Ovest, Dolomites
“Des Kaisers neue Kleider” 8b+ MP (3rd repetition) Wilder Kaiser
“Wonderworld” 8b MP, Wilder Kaiser, first free ascent
“Feuertaufe” 8b+ MP, First Ascent, Loferer Alm
“Donnervogel” 8b MP, First Ascent, Loferer Alm
“Piefke Saga” 8a, MP, first free ascent, Steinplatte
“Tabularasa” 8b MP, Taghia, Marocco, 2nd repetition
“L´Axe du Mal” 7c+ MP, Onsight, Taghia, Marocco
“Buhl Quergang” 7b+ MP first free ascent (65 years after Hermann Buhl)
“Spiel der Narren” 7c+ MP, Wilder Kaiser (one day ascent)

And a few cool other climbs ;-)

Latest success or project: 
First free ascent of “El Elyon” 8b MP Steinplatte
Two new hard first ascents at Wilder Kaiser are still waiting to be free climbed by Alex Huber and myself.
Great and scary Ice Lines in Canada

Lifetime project: 
Staying healthy, motivated, happy and strong!!!  

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Wilder Kaiser, Schleierwasserfall, Patagonia,
Yosemite, Dolomites, Spain, Ceuse    

Favourite music/song:
Rock´n Roll  

Personal statement / philosophy: 
If you do it, do it 100%! Climb now, climb later!   

Platforms of athlete: 

Partnership with adidas since: 

Most stupid thing you ever did! 
There are too many ;-)