Mario Walder establishes new route “FelsenFest”

It’s hard to believe but a winter with little snow can have a lot of advantages. An approach through less snow is a little easier.

In the last weeks we were in steady search of a small and hidden paradise for ice climbers. A stunning, frozen waterfall, which appeared as an ice curtain, had attracted my attention.

At minus 16 degrees Celsius and equipped with different kinds of sky hooks and pitons we began to build a new line. After some risky cliff and pitons operations we were able to create a brilliant new line. In order to enable more people access to this wonderful route and to avoid a crash on the ledge of the second pitch, I set two bolts there.

We gave this route the name “FelsenFest” Wi5/M8 (100M).

Location: Lesachtal/ East Tyrol

Team: Mario Walder/ Zenz Christian