El Barrio - First Ascent

A few information to start with:
There is a wonderful wall close to my home... It is extremely steep with a short approach. What else could you wish for? There is one problem though: the rock texture. Even if the majority of climbers dislike this climbing wall because of the texture, this makes it even more exciting for me.

For years now I had to try to climb it again and again - the wall where no one was able to make it through the steepest and highest main part: the upper part consists of overhanging rocks which lead to a huge roof of cracks. It is an absolute must for me to climb it and this is not only because I can enjoy the view of the wall from my balcony.

However, it seemed almost impossible to find a partner for this adventure. In the end I was able to convince Bruno to accompany me and start with all the equipment we needed.

After four tries and a few changes in the lead we finally climbed through that wall with ten pitches.

As the result, we set a very physically and mentally challenging route and it is most likely that some repeaters will struggle to climb it. ;-)


Facts "El Barrio"
Mario Walder
Bruno Schneider
Christian Zenz
Oliver Winkler