Alex Luger (AUT)

Full name:
Alexander Luger


Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Dornbirn, Austria   



Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
Skiing, running, reading, skydiving        

Place of residence: 
Hohenems, Austria   

Biggest accomplishments: 
First repeat of Prinzip Hoffnung
First ascent of Psychogramm 8b+ trad clean
First ascent of Sangre de Toro 8b+ alpine Rote Wand 
First ascent of Stourraniibi WI6 M7 clean 6 pitches Norway
Free solo ground up of Zerstoere dein Ego 8a+ Ardetzenberg

Latest success or project: 
First Ascent of “The Winners Loose It All Some Day” (WI5 /M6 X/ clean /300m) und first ascent of “Piece Of Mind” (WI5+ /M6 /clean /250m)    

Lifetime project: 
A multipitch project in the Rätikon that I try to free climb, hopefully not a life time project ;)      

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Rote Wand Vorarlberg,
Indian Himalaya,
the ice in Norway,
Canyonlands Utah,
Verdon France,
Swiss Alps and the remote mountain ranges I still have to explore…      

Favourite music/song:
Body Count, Clickhaze, Lis Er Stille, 5/8er in Ehren, Cake, Makossa, ……     

Personal statement / philosophy: 
To be human means that you take care and responsibility about our acting. We are able to reflect, use this ability.       

Platforms of athlete:

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