UCI Trials World Cup Aalter

Quick recap on last week’s UCI World Cup which was hosted in my hometown AALTER. The preparations as an athlete were far from perfect, breaking three ribs only 3 and a half weeks before the event... To a point I wasn’t even sure to participate, which would have been a disaster. So the only thing I could do was put my trust in nature and continue training, biting the pain away every single day. Not so fun to be honest but a necessity I guess.

Then 3 days before the event I was ‘kind of’ pain free and somehow I managed to ride and luckily enough to win bronze… Only 5 points from the winner. I’m super stoked with that. Sure more was possible if it wasn’t for the ribs but I’ll never know ;)One thing’s for sure again this year => I’m old but not too old to still compete against 20 year olds. lol

On a second note, as you might know the organisation of the Belgian World Cups is in my wife’s and my hands together with a fantastic 40 people crew. Very proud to have delivered an awesome weekend from that point of view as well. Both from media outcome to sections, setup and sportive level.
At a certain point there were over 4000 people watching the Finals and over the entire weekend we had more than double that amount of visitors. Unreal and never seen before in trials!


Highlights clip:


Preview of the sections: