Winter kayaking in Chile

I dreamed of traveling to Chile since I started extreme kayaking. Chile is the main center of winter kayaking in the world. From November to March, the strongest kayakers from all over the world come here to run one of the best white water in the world. 

My trip has started in the end of November and finished in March. During this time, I crossed the distance from Santiago to the Straits of Magellan and back, a total of 14000 km by car. I managed to run almost all the most famous rivers that every good kayaker should bring to their list.

I travel quite a lot around the world, but I did not see such a diversity of nature as in Chile, from the tropical jungle to the deserts and mountain steppes.

Kayak travel in Chile is not only rivers and nature. At this trip I happened to meet many different people, they were budding kayakers, young talented guys, as well as people who are considered to be legends in the world of kayaking, and all of them were incredibly impressed by this country.

Chile has an incredible number of rivers, amazing nature, an atmosphere of freedom and very hospitable people.

I want to come back here many many times.