Wildalpen Freestyle

Out first freestyle kayak event of this year was held in the beautiful Austrian mountain village Wildalpen. Last year we had been unlucky with the water levels during competitions but this time it was just perfect. It was just about two weeks since I started paddling my freestyle boat again after my back injury. I wasn’t sure if I should take part or not but in the end I decided to give it a try. First training on Friday was horrible. I still had some blockage in my mind and didn’t want to push or move too much. For the second training I went together with Peter. We convinced our son to wait on us on the river bank, he sat just few meters away from us and he could see and talk to us at any the time. So, this was a big deal for us as parents. It was the first time we were able to paddle freestyle together without one of us babysitting him. It cheered me up so much that I forgot about being afraid about my back and started to paddle normally again. The next day the event started. Peter pulled out his best tricks and after a thrilling men’s final he took first place. I surprised myself with some very good rides, especially in the finals and got the gold as well! The first event and two gold medals for us! I don’t have to tell you how happy we were.

On the next day the guys- Peter (husband), Petko (our 4 year old son) and Puko (our dog), took the double kayak and together we paddled an easy section of the river. Petko seemed to like it and he didn’t even complain when they ran over our event playspot - quite a big hole. Puko jumped out before and ran around.

Most of the time I see only men, sometimes girls going for kayaking trips. But I think this is just perfect family action. Even if your wife or kids are not paddlers. Just take them outside, take your bikes or hiking shoes and enjoy it together because outdoors is the best way to spend your day!