Trnava Xrace 2018

One of our favorite whitewater course to paddle is definitely Trnava in the Czech Republik. It's situated between Brno and Prague in a small village called Zeliv. It’s a nice, quite long artificial course with a great gradient and a big drop at the end. Local paddlers organise an extreme race for kayakers from all around every year. The water is released from a dam above. It’s not just a Czech event but you can meet many Polish, Slovaks, Austrians and other nationalities there.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and did several laps on the course. One of the benefits is that when you finish your run you can paddle back upstream to the put in. There is a connecting flatwater canal that runs parallel, so after you've paddled back up, you just have to walk a few meters to get back to the start. On Saturday morning we started with sprints followed by slalom. Peter paddled pretty well and secured a good position in the ranking. I wasn’t that happy with my rides but considering my back injury I was pretty happy just to be back in my kayak racing. Last discipline that day was the team race. Peter, Marcel and I, we competed in the mixed team category. I was trying hard not to disappoint the guys because I was that weakest part of the team. I didn’t miss a single gate and paddled hard to not create a big gap between us. At the end we ended up second. I was really happy with this result and thankful to the guys who took me on the team. On Sunday Peter raced in kayak cross. It was a long race day with many starts and he did pretty well. He scored good points for his ranking and placed third  overall at the end. This time we left our son at home with granny so we could paddle together. It was a super nice event with many old friends and fun. Maybe next year we can see you there as well.