Training update

First sunny trip! It's the time of the year when the sun starts to be so warm you just have to get out and paddle. Until now we've had really cold weather. Nonetheless, we've been paddling since the end of February and trust me, it's not always as much fun as it looks! The water's been around 1,5 degrees Celsius and the air temperature's also been very cold. Probably, we should've skied more than paddle, but that's the hard part of our job.

Last week we decided to go for some freestyling at Plattling in Germany. We definitely got to enjoy some good levels, lots of freestyle and sunny weather. The goal is, of course, to be one of the best freestylers in the world and to achieve that it needs a lot of quality training. Right now, I am feeling I'm in pretty good shape. I've done lots of endurance training and now I think it's time to push my body more into freestyle. It's always a bit of a lottery how much the body can take and in the past I've had quite a few injuries. I really want to avoid this to happen again this year and then having to struggle with recovery. So I decided to go for short freestyle sessions one or two times a day and  after one of these sessions I go paddling for about 30 min in my creek boat. Sometimes it's sprint other times slalom. This way I want to be prepared for all the disciplines I plan to compete in. As soon as my new C1 arrives I will add one more session. This year my goal is to compete at the European Championships with the C1 as well.

As you can see I have a full training schedule with almost no free time, but I really love paddling so much and want to keep doing it forever. Plattling was an awesome training camp for me and next week I would love to go for some creeking.

See you soon,