Norway Kayaking Adventure

This year, we decided to make a summer trip to Norway. We hadn’t been there for seven years, so we were pretty excited. We loaded our camper van with kayaks and bikes and started our adventure.

Our first stop was Friedrichshafen for the adidas summit and Outdoor trade show. We really enjoyed the nice reunion with old friends and meeting some new team members. A barbecue in the evening was a great way to get to know each other and make new friends.
The next day we spent at the Outdoor show, checking out new products and meeting even more friends from the outdoor circuit. From there we started our long journey to Norway.

We didn’t hurry as we were one week ahead of our friends. When you are traveling with a kid you have to build in some interesting stops. We did quite a few stops along the way to entertain our little one. Most of them were unplanned, hence even better. We found a forest reserve with monkeys and other animals. A random lake full of colorful fish, an entertainment park, a beach with a nice playground and a lot more. It’s always fun to explore surroundings spontaneously.

When we finally reached Norway, we still had a few days before our paddling company arrived. We stopped at Sjoa and paddled it solo. One of us stayed with Petko and other one paddled. It was a nice and easy river, good for a warm-up. When the guys arrived we moved from Sjoa towards Voss. This time Norway was extremely dry, but we still found some pretty good rivers. When the guys were paddling, I took a bike and went out with Petko for our little adventures. Fortunately, they were nice and took me on the water as well. I was even able to paddle with Peter while our friend was babysitting Petko. My highlight was paddling Raundalselva. Morning glory was a long rapid with an impressive gradient. It seemed a bit scary to me at first, but in the end it was awesome, lots of fun.

I once again fell in love with Norway’s nature. It’s so beautiful. Everywhere we moved there was something to admire. We were lucky to have great weather so we could enjoy this stunning beauty to the fullest. Great fjords, huge waterfalls, lovely houses, lots of animals and nice people. Kayaking, biking, hiking and traveling is an awesome combination and the key to a perfect holiday for us. It’s hard to put into words so here are some photos. Enjoy :)