Ecuador on kayaks for the first time

We heard about Ecuador great stories. Kayakers from all around the world spend some weeks here to paddle great rivers. When we thought where to go for the winter, we chose this beautiful green country.

Peter and our two friends from Slovakia and Czech spent their first day of 2017 in a plane. After 24 hours they landed in Ecuador, ready for some adventure. I flew to Ecuador a week later and joined them. The advantage of flying a week later was, that the guys sorted out all things like transportation, accommodation or which rivers to paddle.

The Guys picked me up on the airport and we moved to Baeza, probably the best place for kayaking in Ecuador. People here are very nice and friendly. The Weather is nice and the food is awesome. Everything is fresh from local farmers. Every evening we went to the city for some good meal. For the first few days the guys took me on easier rivers to warm up a bit. Later the difficulty stared to rise. I love Oyagachi and Cosanga river this are my top favorites. Nice rapids all way down with beautiful nature around.

One day we ran the Cheese house section on Quijos river. It was a bit harder than the other sections. I paddled all difficult rapids pretty good but than I underestimated one easy section and got stuck with my boat on rocks upside down and had to swim. Well, it wasn't a long swim and I fortunately didn't hurt myself but of course I got scared a bit. I finished the rest of the section with no problems which calmed me down, but the next day I took a day off.

Beside kayaking we visited some national parks, saw huge waterfalls, took part on a bull fight event and participated in their local anniversary celebrations. We really enjoyed our time here in Ecuador. Now it's time to move to another place, to Tena where we want to run some other rivers as well.

I will let you know about our next adventures.
See you on the rivers,