Anna Nizzola (SUI)

Full name:
Anna Nizzola    


Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Tuchow, Poland    

Swiss and Polish        


Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
Canyoning, ski touring, alpinism     

Place of residence: 
Cugnasco, Ticino, Switzerland    

Biggest accomplishments: 
I wrote with my husband Luca the guide book Eldorado Ticino, considered one of the best canyoning books ever done.
I discovered and equipped with Luca several canyoning routes in Ticino (Switzerland), and even if we have here more than 100 canyons, we incredibly still continue to discover new interesting descents. Ticino is an endless mine of wonderful canyons.      

Latest success or project: 
With the help of Iceberg-Film we turned 9 short films about the canyoning in Ticino and those films were shown on the Swiss television. It was amazing to observe how the people reacted after having seeing them. The canyoning was always shown and perceived as an extreme and dangerous sport, but now finally, step by step also the medias begin to see it as an interesting and funny sport and they present it as it is. 

Lifetime project: 
It would be great if my favorite sport could enjoy a better reputation and popularity and not only shown as a sport for crazy people.
My goal is to let all the people discover the beauty of the canyoning as a fascinating multidisciplinary sport done in the middle of a wild and uncontaminated Nature. A sport for quite everybody. I'm happy and glad to live in Ticino, in the middle of one of the best Canyoning-Eldorado and I would like to share it with as much people as possible. 
In winter is not so easy to find motivated people following us during our beautiful icy descents, but in summer we have the chance to meet a lot of canyoning lovers with whom share emotions, experiences and friendship.

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Canyons of Lodrino Switzerland, Turnigla Switzerland and Le Groin in France. Tree completely different descents with their own character and peculiarities.

Favourite music/song:
I listen all kind of music, but my favorite song  is Awolnation - Sail. 
For me it would be impossible to live without listening to the music.   

Personal statement / philosophy: 
Less is more (Mies van der Rohe, architect).         

Platforms of athlete:

Partnership with adidas since: 

most stupid thing you ever did! 
When I was a child, I decided to do a tree climbing competition with my brother.
I was so excited to climb faster than him, that I didn't realize in time that I went to high, and frightened and blocked by the height, I wasn't any more able to go down. I stayed terrified up there all day long till when finally my parents came back from the work and called the firefighters that arrives with a long stair and rescued me.