Thomas Kracker (AUS)

Full name:
Thomas Kracker       

Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Allgäu, Germany      


Project Engineer and Manager for building ropes courses 

Sport / activities (different to your profession): 
Canyoning, mountainbiking, racing cycle, climbing, trail running, skiing, ski mountaineering, diving 

Place of residence: 
Austria - Tyrol        

Biggest accomplishments: 
First ascents of the highest waterfalls in Tirol: Stuibenfall, Lehnerfall,...
Some first ascents in different countrys    

Latest success or project: 
Support my daughter in ski races tyrol cup 
Work on new products for canyoning        

Lifetime project: 
Enjoy so many canyons if possible, have there a good time with friends and what I more and more really like is to advise and develop with companys canyoning equipment        

Favourite spot / location(s): 
Tessin, Switzerland      

Favourite music/song:
AC/DC , Rammstein        

Personal statement / philosophy: 
Do what you like!          

Platforms of athlete:

Partnership with adidas since: 
About 15 years    

most stupid thing you ever did!    
Didn’t check the weather forecast bevor I go a dangerous canyon with friends. We nearly lost our lives.