Ewald Holzknecht (AUS)

Full name:
Ewald Holzknecht 

Date of Birth: 

Place of birth: 
Längenfeld, Austria 


Mountain and ski guide, certified ski instructor

Sport / activities (different to your profession):
Canyoning, rafting, climbing, alpine climbing, hiking, ski mountaineering  

Place of residence: 
Längenfeld, Austria 

Latest success or project: 
To always make it back safe and sound from the tour!

favourite spot / location(s) 
My local mountain, where I can be by myself. 

personal statement / philosophy 
I turned my hobby into a career. So I can show my friends and guests what I like...the nature. 

Platforms of athlete:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/oetztal.mountainguide
Website: www.alpin-guide.at

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