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adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship fand zum 7. Mal in Folge auf der legendären Wellerbrückenstrecke im österreichischen Ötztal statt...


Highline Victoria Falls

Slackliner Reinhard Kleindl und Lukas Irmler begehen Highline an den Victoria Falls.


Kevin Jorgeson - Erstbegehung der Dawn Wall, einer der schwierigsten Felswände der Welt.

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21. Mai 2015

European Boulder Championships in Innsbruck

Between the 14th and 16th of May, the IFSC European Boulder Championships took place in Innsbruck, Austria. Qualifications and semi-finals went... [mehr]

20. Mai 2015

Kayaking without sparring partner

I’ve always known that a sparring partner is a very important specialty in kayaking. Creeking or river running is almost impossible and dangerous... [mehr]

18. Mai 2015

RIP Dean Potter

We are shocked and deeply saddened about the tragic loss of our friend and fellow athlete Dean Potter, a climber, line walker and... [mehr]

Mountain Biking
18. Mai 2015

Seasons of Shred - BC Cruisin' Part 1

Nearly one hundred and twenty kilometers north of Vancouver, BC lies a small mountain town nestled beneath some of the best two-wheeled riding known... [mehr]

12. Mai 2015

Gore Canyon of the Colorado River

Nick Troutman about his latest trip to the Gore Canyon of the Colorado River: "Gore Canyon is one of Colorado’s more famous runs, with big... [mehr]

12. Mai 2015

Little White Salmon Race 2015

On the first weekend of May 2015, Gerd Serrasolses competed in the Little White Salmon Race and finished on 1st place. Here's what he has to... [mehr]

5. Mai 2015

Dean Potter Sets New Half Dome Running Record (2:17:52)

A surprising new Half Dome record has been set by Dean Potter, a man not known for running. On May 3, 2015, Potter shaved 5:59 off the previous... [mehr]

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