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adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship fand zum 7. Mal in Folge auf der legendären Wellerbrückenstrecke im österreichischen Ötztal statt...


Highline Victoria Falls

Slackliner Reinhard Kleindl und Lukas Irmler begehen Highline an den Victoria Falls.


Kevin Jorgeson - Erstbegehung der Dawn Wall, einer der schwierigsten Felswände der Welt.

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29. Juni 2015

Sachi Amma sending 9a or harder

Sachi Amma spent 3 amazing weeks climbing 9a (or harder) routes in Oliana, Spain. On this trip Sachi Amma definitely proofed his skills on a new... [mehr]

24. Juni 2015

My first North Fork Championship Crown

The second weekend of June was the date, the IV North Fork Championship was going down in Banks, Idaho. The North Fork of the Payette is an awesome... [mehr]

23. Juni 2015

Top wave on the Mistassibi River

The Mistassibi River is home of the famous Hawaii rapid with it’s giant curling tube wave, as well as the giant wave ‘Black Mass’ which is seen in... [mehr]

23. Juni 2015

South Saint Vrain Creek Race

Nick Troutman competed in the Saint Vrain Creek Race. Read what he has to tell about it:"The city of Lyons is now most famous for the flood that... [mehr]

23. Juni 2015

8-ball kayaking

Here's a short story about the GoPro Mountain Games and the 8-ball kayaking event, sent in by Nick Troutman. "The GoPro Mountain... [mehr]

23. Juni 2015

North Fork Championships

Here is a short report from Nick Troutman about the North Fork Champioships 2015:"The NFC is one of the coolest and most visually impressive... [mehr]

Hanggliding / Speedflying
19. Juni 2015

Antoine Girard is peraparing for X-Alps

The teacher Antoine Girard (35) is the new member of the adidas outdoor sports team. He has a lot of hobbies. The most important of them... [mehr]

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